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Nibiru's guild rules.

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Nibiru's guild rules. Empty Nibiru's guild rules.

Post  Bøffens on Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:34 pm

Guild Rules

Everyone within the guild Treat's eachother with resepct!


All our Raiders are required to be active on the forum on a daily basis. This is where you will be updated with any changes within the guild.


Our trials will be tested for 1-2 weeks assuming they follow our rules. Should irl stuff come up during the trial period, the period will be extended untill the officers qualify you either suitable for the guild, or asks you to leave. Trials will be discussed on our weekly officer meeting's.


The first pull will happen 19:00 Server time all our raid days, wich are wednesday- Thursday - saturday - sunday 19-22
The raid invites will start between 18:30 - 19:05.
It is required to attend to 4/4 raid days a week. if you cant make it to the occasional raid, post it in the "Cant attend to raid" forum. If it is something that will keep happening, make sure officers know about it.


All raiders has to be repaired, stocked up with flasks / food buffs and any class related reagents you would need during the encounter. If you know you are gonna be a bit late on a raid day, make sure you tell us before you logout and you are ready to go as soon as you log in.


Everyone in the guild is required to have the following addons during raid encounters.
-All healers must have raid interface with range check and aggro alert.
-Pally power ( paladins only )
-Any class related addons that will help you during the encounter.

Voice communication

All our members has to listen in on vent during raid times. Only the raid leader talks on ventrilo during trash and boss encounters and raid chat shall be quite. Suggetions are welcome only through whispers to officers. You are allowed to give raid related "heads up" on vent but other than that, only speak when spoken to. When the raidleader announces a break, you can chit chat on ventrilo and in the raid chat.

Loot Distribution

We are progressing as a guild not individually. This means that loot will not be sorted to players who only benefit a minor upgrade from the specific item, but will be sorted to the player who benefits the most from the item, with the priority of Raider>Member>Trial/alts (Last 2 is derterminated by raid leader)


None of our members are allowed to pug a raid, we are raiding. Should it be 1-2 days before the weekly raid reset, Ask an officer and follow his advice.

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