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Metrimauri's Application [Accepted]

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Metrimauri's Application [Accepted] Empty Metrimauri's Application [Accepted]

Post  Metrimauri on Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:48 pm

Hello, again. I heard a while ago that Nibiru is reforming. Since then I've been eager to apply, but responsibilities as a Class Leader in my previous guild were holding me back. Due to recent events my previous guild fell apart. So I decided to apply here once again, since I had really good & eye-opening raiding experiences here last time.

Born 25th March 1991, so I am 18 years old.

Tell us abit about yourself:
Well my first name is Matti. I am just an ordinary guy from Finland. I love playing World of Warcraft on my freetime and I haven't yet quit smoking. Currently I am living on my own in a very nice apartment, moved away from home few months ago.



At the moment I have a marksmanship and a survival build. I am mainly using marksmanship for raiding, but I also use survival depending on situation. Both are for PvE.
Armory link

Do you know anyone from Nibiru?
Yes I do. Damien, Arnfast, Elferi, Hellzzor & Maklól for example.

How is your internet connection?
Currently I have a very stable connection. More info below.
Metrimauri's Application [Accepted] 584704851

Whats your raiding experience?
Currently I have done in WotLK:
-TotC 25 "0/5"
-TotC 10 "3/5"
-Ulduar 10 "11/14" (Up to General)
-Ulduar 25 "5/14" (In Nibiru last time, if I recall correct)
-Naxx 10/25 Cleared
-EoE 10/25 Cleared
-OS 10/25 (2 drakes up)

Yes/no questions Below

  • As a raider in Nibiru you are required to have all your items fully enchanted and gemmed.

Do you agree to follow this rule?
-Yes I do.

  • We require all our raiders to have flasks and other consumables to last the entire raids duration.

Do you agree to follow this rule?
-Yes I do.

  • A raider in Nibiru has to know his class inside out. This means to read up on your Gem, Stats, Spell rotation priority and your spec to make sure your maxing your potential in raids.

Do you agree to follow this rule?
-Yes I do.

  • To make sure our team mates don't waste their time in our raids, it's required of our raiders to attend ALL our main raid days in general. If you for some important reason cant make 1 day, you are required to give notice asap. Breaking this rule will force us to take serious action.

Do you agree to follow this rule?
-Yes I do.

  • If you need to go afk in a raid, you must ask the raid leader for permission. Failing to do so results in harsh actions.

Do you agree to follow this rule?
-Yes I do.

  • We require ALL our members to have DBM or Bigwigs, Omen threatmeter, Pallypower for our paladins, decursive and other class essential addons.

Do you agree to follow this rule?
-Yes I do.

  • Nibiru is a teamplayer guild. We do not care about loot other than for the guild as a whole. We do not compete within the guild. At best we compete with other guilds. We use no DKP or anything similar. Only thing we use is common sense. Biggest upgrade for a person, upgrades the guild most as a whole.

Do you agree to this mentality?
-I do.

Link to WoW Armory
Link to Be.Imba
Link to WoW-Heroes

Thank you for reading my application.


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