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Hello... again :) [Accepted]

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Hello... again :) [Accepted]

Post  Nighmoon on Sun Sep 06, 2009 9:12 am

Hey dont know if you remember me, im Nigh, i left the raiding scene due to exams but i am back now. However i hardly play wow anymore and i dont really have a guild. And since i remember Nibiru and the good times i had, i thought id give this a shor, heard about the recent reform. I want to have a guild that i can say hi in and have a good chat now and again. Just to make clear, i am only gonna be here to socialize and have the odd PvP thing/PvE thing, have no idea if this is ok or not, i was reading about the stuff and i picked up about that. Didn't know i got the wrong end of the stick though, anyways enough rambling my app

Age: Im now 18

Tell us abit about yourself: Hey im Ben, i enjoy motorbikes, starting my first lesson in November Smile i do however place my soical/real life first and enjoy having the odd party. Im always up for a LAN party with friends and can be often seen with my iPod listening to various bands, anything with guitars basically, although my favorites have to be probably The Clash, even though im too young to remember them they do have some amazing tunes.

Class? I am (and always will be) a hunter i believe i know how to play my class, and when running heriocs i can put out between 2.8k-3.2k depending on group make up etc.

Specc? Survival, but whatever puts out the most DPS, as i said im only here to socialize etc.

Do you know anyone i Nibiru? I know most of the old Nibiruers (is that a word) via raiding; dami, Arn, Twoqx, Biggy etc. and believe we did get on quite well. Midnight PvP in Arathi Basin with the gang was a fave Smile

Profile here

thanks for reading, and hopefully seeing you guys again soon


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Re: Hello... again :) [Accepted]

Post  Bigmann on Sun Sep 06, 2009 9:55 am

you are always welcome back nighmoon Very Happy

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Re: Hello... again :) [Accepted]

Post  Newt on Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:33 am

Nice you are Back Moon Smile


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Re: Hello... again :) [Accepted]

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